Agroforestry and Permaculture

Enjoy our garden in one of the many little relaxing corners it has. Take along a glass of wine, enjoy the sunset and a campfire or read a book. There are hammocks for a nice nap. For the children our place is perfect. The road passing by our property has a dead end, so only three of our neighbours are passing by. There is lots and lots of space to run around, catch grasshoppers and there are several play areas for the very small and bigger children.

If you are a garden enthusiast you are at the right address. We don’t need much to burst out in conversation and share with you about all the projects we have done and are working on. We are designing our land according to permaculture principles, a self sustainable way of gardening. There are many permaculture projects on our land like an edible flower spiral, a food forest and swales.  

Of course we are happy to share our harvest with you, which is growing every year. Pick fresh cherries and plums from the trees, we cook with the veggies from our garden and offer new recipes with fresh figs during our dinners. Plus the whole day free of charge you can make your own fresh herbal teas and pick fresh mint, verveine, sage and fennel from our tea garden. We are have become an edible campsite.