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You can order our flower essences via the order form below. Choose you essences via the page "our line of essences" Don't hesitate if you need help to choose an essence for a specific situation.

What would you like to order? You receive an extra 10% discount from orders over €55
1 flower essence €20 incl. transport
2 flower essences €35 incl. transport
3 flower essences plus gift €50 incl. transport
Beautiful gift box with 8 flower essences €110 incl. transport
First Aid Magic Ointment €10 incl. transport
Soft Skin Magic Ointment €10 incl. transport
Digital booklet (PDF) with full descriptions of the flower essences €5
other, let us know in the remarks

Therapists and reselling our products

If you are a therapist or wish to resell our products, contact us via email bonjour at scfessences dot com