The beautiful world of flower essences

As long as I remember I have been surrounded my flowers. Dating back to even before 1650 my ancestors have been tree and flower growers. Today I am continuing my ancestors in my own way on Simply Canvas Farm. The farm where I live together with my husband Santi in the South West of France. The land surrounding our property of 12.5 acres (5 hectares) has not been treated for over 20 years. Since 2008 we have been working together with nature. We garden organically and according to the Permaculture principles. It has been a joy to see how working together with nature (rather than against it) life has started to come back to the land. It has turned into a vibrant and healthy property, ever growing. In the last couple of years, the collaboration with nature has intensified and this is how jams, vinegars, oils, magic ointment and finally our flower essences came to life. Most of our flower essences come from our land, or we seek out special places to make other essences. In the making of flower essences we use a technique upon which the flowers are not picked (we only use a few petals) and we don't use flowers that are on the brink of extinction.

So many beautiful essences

We enjoy so very much the line of essences we have created so far. There is The Pionneer, Magic and Adventure, True Voice, Protection, Lightness, Connection & Harmony, click here for an overview, it will be difficult to choose. Choose by intuition, because you like the title, the picture, the colors. Usually this one belongs to you. Or we can help you with choosing.

The origin and explanation of flower essences

The most well-known flower essences are the ones developed by Mr. Bach (maybe you have heard of Bach flowers or Rescue Remedy). Mr. Bach discovered flower essences around 1930. Today there are many beautiful flower essences developed by different people, coming from special corners in nature around the world. And we present you hereby our beautiful line of flower essences.

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are energetic extracts of the beneficial properties of flowers.

What does this mean? Wild flowers, flowers of trees and plants, flower bulbs etc. they all have a positive message to share with us. It is possible to move this message into water. The fixing or grounding in water is done with the help of the sun, a few flowers and one or more persons in collaboration with helpful nature beings. When the essence has been grounded into water, alcohol (often brandy) or distilled vinegar is added to preserve the flower essences.

How do flower essences work?

By taking drops of the flower essences we receive the healing benefits of the flowers in our own body, mind and soul. Flower essences don’t work like a paracetamol which will chase away your headache for a short period of time. The essences try to support us and help to give us insight in the root of the pain or suffering. The root of the suffering or problem can be hidden under several layers. By taking the flower essence for a period of time the different layers are peeled off. Flower essences assist us holistically on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Sometimes we call this kind of help vibrational or energetic support. It might sound a little floaty, but really it is a beautiful collaboration between you and the essence of the flower allowing your body, mind and soul to sing together again as a harmonious choir.

SCF Flower Essences

The essences of Simply Canvas Farm (SCF Essences) come in beautiful frosted colored bottles (if you want a specific color, send me a message and I will let you know which colors are still available). They are 30ml (often this is less). Besides a few, our introductury price is from €16.50 for €14,95 per bottle. You can email me directly to order. Later online. We can send all over Europe, even in these times.